March already.

Posted on Mar 7, 2013
March already.

I have to say that I just don’t know where the time is going. One minute you’re cheerfully giving yourself a little New Year mission: something to add a little purpose and a sense of accomplishment to the year, and the next minute… Well, the next minute it’s March, you’re working late every night and that cute little mission is becoming a looming shadow… attaching its gloomy presence to every non working moment.

It was easy to talk up a good game back in January.

But no! It won’t be so! There are still nine lovely months left in this year and my treehouse project isn’t going to end before it has even begun. There will soon be blossom on the trees and I’m going to greet it with a print that celebrates Prunus aviumour native showgirl of the tree world.

She’s in disguise for the rest of the year, but wait til Spring and she knows how to show you a good time. More from her later.


For now, I’ll show you where the magic happens. That’s here, my printing bed at Hot Bed Press.


Isn’t it heavenly? I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a screen bed in my own studio – but the fact is that I like going to Hot Bed Press. And the other fact is that I like to be able to move around in my studio… add a screen bed, drying rack and exposure unit and I don’t think I could squeeze in.

Later this year, I’m setting up a little hinge bed of my own, just to be able to do a little printing test run here and there (this is going to be a busy year after all) but for now I zoom to Hot Bed, pour myself a cup of tea and then get stuck in. Lovely.

How about you guys? Those New Years Resolutions working out OK for you all? Will someone please remind me of this next January?!



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