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Prunus avium – native tree species 1


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It’s here! Print 1 of the series showing each of Britain’s 22 native tree species. This beautiful print is part of an edition of 100, hand printed and designed by Jane Elliot.

Prunus avium is a special blossom tree that graces our streets and park lands unnoticed until it wakes us all up from our winter hibernation with its amazing Spring time display. This native species has creamy white flowers that we all know and love, a wonderfully patterned bark and plenty of berries to feed birds and mammals.

Printed on Snowden cartridge paper (300gsm)

Paper size: 52 x 42cm (9.1’’ x 19.7’’)
Image size: 46 x 38cm (6.7’’ x 17.5’’)
Colours: Prussian blue, softest pink and blue black
Sold unframed.

Jane Elliot © all rights reserved
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